I held the event of a kimono wearing lesson, ‘Try on Kimono’ on March 29th, 2015.

 This is Tomomi from Kimono Time Yuu. We provid our service, Kimono Experience in Yokohama. On March, I had the event of a a kimono wearing lesson. Thank you for joinjing us and your supports.

I changed the lesson room in this class, because we want to eat and drink anything in room. This class was small than usual, because I wasn't able to announce my event to many people. But I'm contented with this lesson. I was able to have lesson closely for each person. And we had time to eat some Japanese sweet and Jpanese tea without only a kimono wearing lesson. We was able to enjoy traditional Jpanese cultuer.
This class had two friends who join us the last time and a new Japanese friend. I was surprised that one of the member who join us 3 times is good at wearing a kimono. She teached other members how to knot a decorative string. It's so amazing. And I lectured about the manner of behavior when I wore a kimono. We tred walking, standing up and sitting down in a kimono. Though they almost fell down, we could laugh and had very fun time.
Japanese sweets we ate was Kyokanze from TuruyaYoshinobu in Kyoto and Spring in the four basic directions, Shihou-no-haru from Taneya in Siga. We talk about Japanese sweets and tea ceremony and Japanese designs and so on. We had fun time to enjoy Japanese culture.
I will have next event on May 17th. I intend to hold it with a small number as well as the last time. If you are interesteing in that, please contact me quickly.