I started a kimono’s class called ‘one-coin lesson’ for the first time in last year.

KimonoThis is Tomomi from Kimono Time Yuu providing the kimono dressing experience in Yokohama.  KIMONO TIME YUU, we started a new attempt in last year. If you wear a kimono, you can join the class of kimono wearing for 500 yen once. I think that this first lesson ended in failure, because participants were few. But I have learned a lot of things as a manager or a kimono lover. This lesson is one of classes for people who can wear a kimono by themselves. The word of “lesson” might be quite misleading. It is “meeting” for kimono lover. Because it is the gathering of people who want to enjoy a kimono. I wish kimono friends increase. How to wear kimonos does not have the correct answer. How to wear kimonos varies by a person. When you tie up your hair with a ribbon, which ribbon do you think is correct, turn left or turn right? I think both aren’t any mistake. How to wear kimonos is same too. It isn’t any mistake. So in this class some participants teach you how to wear kimonos. And you teach some participants that. Sometimes you’re teacher. Sometimes you’re student. I hope we enjoy kimonos. I had the first class on October. A participant show and tell me how to wear a kimono by herself. I got new thinking to wear a kimono and I learned much from her. Kimono is threaded by a straight line. I think we are wrapped a piece of cloth. Therefore it’s pretty deep. We have different body line, and the comfortable feelings are different each too. It is natural that way of wearing is different each other. There are many kimono school. In each school, way of wearing a kimono and the appearance of the kimono are different slightly. I think it’s the difficulty or the pleasure of the kimono to find a method and the appearance one by one Thanks you for your support. I hope some people who can participate in a next class, I want to make some place and some friends who can enjoy a kimono together. The people who are interested in us, KIMONO TIME YUU increase, and We hope to increase some friends through kimonos. I wait for you. Next class will be on April. If you wear a kimono, please join us.