Shall we wear the yukata for my lovely fireworks show in Yokohama ?

Let’s enjoy summer of Yokohama in the yukata!!

Let’s enjoy summer of Yokohama in the yukata!!

This is Tomomi from Kimono Time Yuu providing the kimono dressing experience in Yokohama.

The fireworks show let us feel summer. There are fireworks shows of Yokohama three times in summer. Fireworks fly in the sea of Yokohama in Yokohama opening of a port memorial day on June 2. The elementary or junior high school in Yokohama is closed on that day. I think there will not be the person who be from Yokohama that does not know that day. Another is ‘the Yokohama Sparkling twilight’ in three-day weekend of July, and the other is ‘the Kanagawa Shimbun fireworks show’ of early August. The fireworks show of Yokohama is one of the event that we who are from Yokohama are proud of.

I have a yukata wearing lesson on Sunday July 17.’The Yokohama Sparkling twilight’ is that day. After the lesson we will go to the fireworks show. We will have the picnic party on the side of the sea. There is not much number of fireworks set off in ‘the Yokohama Sparkling twilight’, but I like it very much. The sea breeze will feel nice. The details of my lesson show it later. Please wait for pleasure.

And I have another yukata wearing lesson on Sunday June 26. I give you lesson before fireworks season. Let’s enjoy the fireworks show and Japanese summer.

Let’s enjoy summer of Yokohama in the yukata!!

Let’s enjoy summer of Yokohama in the yukata!!

Let’s enjoy summer of Yokohama in the yukata!!

 Date & Time 
Sunday, June 26, 2016
13:00 – 16:00 (Reception starts at 12:45)

At the Venue approx. 5 min. from Exit South 1 “Noge Chikamichi (underground street) “ in Sakuragicho station. Or it’s about 5 min. from Hinodecho Station.
Details will be informed when you sign up.

_Lecture about the difference between kimono and yukata
_Kimono wearing lesson 
_Method of folding a kimono
_Eating the seasonal Japanese sweet

The lesson fee included in a new yukata and obi is 12,000yen.
The lesson fee included rental charges of a complete set of kimono used for this lesson is 6,000yen.
The lesson fee only is 3,000 yen.

_When you buy a yukata and an obi for this lesson, it costs 12,000 yen.
_When you rent a complete set of kimono used for this lesson, it costs rental charges of 6,000 yen. We use about ten items for this lesson.
_Please bring your yukata, obi and so on, if you have them. You need to bring a yukata, a Hanhaba-obi, a Obijime(decorative string), two towels, a Rubber-belt, 3 Koshihimos(sashes), a Datejime(belt), a Obi-ita(under-obi). Please let us know early if you don’t have some items. You can rent one item at 200 yen or 500 yen.

 How to apply 
Please fill out the application form below & send it by 23:59 on Friday, June 17, 2016.

 Additional Notes 
_Tax include
_There may be changes made to these contents
_Please refrain from shooting a video
_We recommend joining this class wearing a collarless shirt, such as a camisole or tank top, leggings, and socks.

Let’s enjoy summer of Yokohama in the yukata!!


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Q3 Only the person who replied "no" in Q2, please answer in Q3.
Are you some of favorite colors and what's your size, height, round chest, or hips?
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I like dark colors like navy, dark red. My tall is about 160 cm. My clothes are LL size on Japanese size.

Q4 How did you know Kimono Time Yuu?
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