Kimono Time Yuu

We are hoping that our organization, “Kimono Time Yuu”, will be a place where we can connect with all over the people. We called our organization “Yuu” because the kanji “Yuu(結)” means “connect” or “fasten”. We're thinking that we want to treasure the time needed to tie up an obi which is indispensable to a kimono. We will create an international exchange business.

Greetings from the representative

Thank you for supporting us always.

We are the organization which made the form "I convey a kimono". We think that the kimono is the garment that truly expresses a Japanese spirit. This is because we feel that the kimono shows wisdom of the life of ancient people and the skill of the craftsman.
We provide the opportunity to experience kimono for foreigners who come in Japan. We do not end it with just dressing you in a kimono, but also create entertainment with a kimono in order to have you understand Japanese identity.
We aim at the creation of new values while learning and thinking “kimono”. We will greatly appreciate your continuous guidance and encouragement. Thank you.

”Kimono Time Yuu” Tomomi Okaya